ABS Software - Dynamic Formula Processor (DFP)

The Dynamic Formula Processor (DFP) is an extremely powerful add-on product for users of the ABS Software With DFP you can optimize virtually any linear formula or elemental relationship. Whether you use DFP to control the total residuals going into the charge or to control for a specific chemical relationship, least cost optimization techniques will automatically be utilized.

DFP provides you with a new dimension in optimizing raw materials and controlling physical chemistry relationships. DFP allows you to:

  • Widen the working aims for your natural elements (CR, NI, MO, etc.) while imposing tighter controls on the more important elemental relationships (chrome equivalence, nickel equivalence, carbon equivalence, total sludge, pounds per square inch [PSI] etc.)
  • Reduce your current alloy additions cost, compared to traditional computational methods
  • Maintain complete control and privacy of your formulas and easily modify them if they differ from industry standards
  • Quickly and cost-effectively adjust to your customers' requirements for new or additional chemistry relationships

The DFP program is fully integrated with all of the existing ABS Software optimizing modules. Optimization of elemental relationships is automatically performed when designing charges, calculating least cost alloy additions, computing material requirements, and even performing purchase evaluations.

If your shop operates with a heel (hot metal left in the furnace or melter), the Least Cost Charge Design (MIX) program will automatically calculate the complex elemental contribution the heel will provide.

If you are using the Least Cost Alloy Additions (TAP) program, the preliminary chemistry's complex elemental contribution will also be automatically calculated.

The DFP feature is extremely easy to implement and use. Four versions of the DFP program are available allowing you to establish a maximum of 5, 10, 15 or 20 dynamic formulas. Each formula can have a maximum of 10 sets of arithmetic expressions. If your customers are requiring you to meet tighter and more complex chemistry specifications, DFP can help.