Additional Information on the ABS Software

The ABS Software is the result of over 30 years of programming improvements - most of the improvements were requested by the more than 100 worldwide users.

The ABS Software maintains an Audit Trail by user/date/time of all Grade/Alloy changes made. In addition, all Raw Material changes (cost, quantity, and analysis) are also tracked.

The ABS Software was designed for multi-user/network environments. Many people need to work together, in addition to lab equipment, to produce the end product.

The ABS Software provides a choice of nine (9) primary modules that work together. Most in-house solutions go no further than Charge Make-Up and Inventory. The ABS Software products help you optimize the use of existing materials when making a charge and when making furnace corrections. Additionally, the ABS Software products will allow you to efficiently manage inventory and optimize raw material (scrap and alloys) purchases. Note, the raw material forecasting and purchasing features cannot be effectively utilized without properly setting up the Least Cost Charge, Least Cost Alloy Additions and Inventory Control Rules.

The ABS Software optimizes the use of solid materials and tubs (those that cannot or would not be broken down into smaller units). ABS Software is very easy to use and learn, and contains extensive on-line help documentation.

The ABS Software interfaces with all the major spectrometers to eliminate the manual entry of chemistry information. This includes Thermo Fisher Scientific, Belec, Bruker, Philips, Spectro, etc. In addition, custom interfaces to lesser known instrument control systems have been developed and these continue to be developed as the need arises.

The ABS Software can optimize virtually any user-defined linear formula or elemental relationship. This very powerful feature is totally unique to TMS International. You'll see more of your customers imposing chemistry requirements of this type. Sometimes the requirements will come from within your company, usually the Quality Control or Metallurgical Departments - so how will you handle these requirements without the ABS Software?