ABS Software - Management Reporting System (MARS)

The Management Reporting System (MARS) is an independent procedure for the collecting and reporting of production and chemical information about each heat, blend, or cast produced.

When used in conjunction with the ABS Software Inventory Control (INV), Chemistry Routing (CHRIS), and Optimization programs (MIX and TAP), the MARS System completely automates the tedious task of collecting this critical data. MARS data can be used to produce detailed melting reports, as well as graphical representation of production and chemistry data.

The MARS System is typically accessed and used by Management, Purchasing, Operations, and Quality Control personnel. Reports, graphs, and spreadsheets can be designed that highlight the operational variables that relate to each manager's area of responsibility.

The MARS system is generally used to capture and report data for two major purposes:

Production Performance

The Production/Costing Reporting option provides five (5) standard reports. They include:

  • Detailed/Summary Consumption
  • Detailed Log
  • Total/Average Consumption
  • Elemental Consumption
  • Cost Variance by Grade/Alloy Code or Grade/Alloy Family

Many reports provide detail or summary variations.

Chemistry Control

The Chemistry Reporting option provides twelve (12) standard chemistry information reports. They include:

  • Heel Chemistry
  • P1
  • P2
  • Final
  • Charge Aim
  • Charge Recovery
  • Intermediate Aim
  • Intermediate Recovery
  • Final Aim
  • Final Recovery
  • Total Recovery
  • Elemental Usage

The standard MARS System also includes database utilities for deleting, auditing, exporting and importing log records, as well as viewing log status information.

One of the more frequently used features of the MARS System is the "Export" function. With the "Export" function, data records can easily be selected and exported for use in spreadsheets, database systems, and SPC programs.

TMS International can expand the standard MARS System or develop custom-designed reports for your unique melting and management reporting structure. Typical custom reports requested include detailed melt logs, melt variance, melt shop production, elapsed time, ingots cast, man-hours per ton, etc.