ABS Software - Scrap Control System (SCS)

The Scrap Control System (SCS) is an add-on product for the ABS Software that is used to automate the actual linking of chemical test results (of newly purchased scraps, internally recycled scraps, re-melts, etc.) with purchased or recycled raw material receiving information. With the SCS System, you will:

  • Improve the confidence and accuracy of all your raw material chemistry information
  • Expedite the time required to qualify raw materials for use by the ABS Software Least Cost Charge Design (MIX) and Least Cost Alloy Additions (TAP) programs
  • Reduce or virtually eliminate data entry errors that would occur with manual data entry of raw material chemistry information
  • Maximize your spectrometer investment

With the SCS System, you essentially build a raw material receipt record. This is accomplished by extracting the desired chemistry information from the scrap chemistry database and the desired quantity, cost, vendor, etc. information from the scrap receipts file. New scrap receipts can be "imported" from existing in-house receiving systems, including bar code readers, or entered via the Scrap Receipts program.

SCS is fully integrated with the TMS International Chemistry Routing System (CHRIS). After the incoming or recycled scrap chemistry test results are taken, they are distributed and stored in a scrap chemistry database via CHRIS. Within SCS, you can select the desired chemistry record and assign the chemistry to a received scrap record.

With SCS, you can select and assign the test results from a single test sample or have the average chemistry from as many as 3,000 samples assigned. SCS automatically computes the average chemistry of all test samples selected.

SCS also provides the ability to transfer a scrap record directly to the active ABS Software inventory. When a scrap record is transferred, the detailed scrap receipts and the scrap chemistry databases are updated. With SCS, scrap chemistry information is collected and distributed without any manual input. This hands-free chemistry collection and distribution system ensures better chemistry control by elimination of manual data entry errors.

The Scrap Control System can operate without a spectrometer interface. However, SCS provides the most benefit when interfaced directly with your spectrometer. The following illustration depicts the program and databases used by the basic Scrap Control System.