ABS Software - Comprehensive Alloy Blending System Software Package

The ABS Software is a comprehensive software package that allows our customers to create value within their melting operations. The ABS Software is a fully integrated, linear programming based system that includes:

Least Cost Charge Design

Least Cost Alloy Additions

Dynamic Formula Processor

Inventory Control

Scrap Control

Chemistry Routing

Month to Date Consumables

Purchase Evaluation

Material Forecasting

Management Reporting

The ABS Software is extremely flexible and can be tailored to match the needs of the end user. TMS International recognizes that a "one size fits all" solution is not feasible for our customers, and we will work closely with our end users to ensure their ABS Software is configured for maximum efficiency. The ABS Software is currently in use at over 100 customer sites from diverse metal industries including: Primary and Secondary Aluminum shops, Nickel/Cobalt based Super Alloy shops, Stainless Steel shops, Aluminum Smelting shops, Foundries and Scrap Blending shops.

The ABS Software modules may be licensed separately or as a complete package. Custom modifications, if needed and/or desired, are available. The ABS Software is available in single or multi-user versions and operates on Intel compatible hardware platforms utilizing the Windows operating system.

TMS International provides complete documentation and training on the ABS Software. Free support is provided for the first 60 days after installation. Several plans for on-going software maintenance and support are also available.