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TMS International currently provides more than 400 people to world class steel companies in Scunthorpe and Teeside, United Kingdom.

The key to our labor services is the training-to-skill levels required by the client, and the ability of the workforce to adopt multi-skilling. This allows for a site based labour force to service several areas by designing a labour support package to handle day to day aspects of job requirements. Surges implemented by maintenance or shutdown requirements can be catered to by reinforcing the base squads from another area. Therefore, with provision of key plant and equipment included in the package, synergies and efficiencies are maximized, improving service and keeping costs to a minimum. An additional feature is encompassing offline processing and rework into the package thus reducing higher working costs. The client has the added assurance of employing full time employees of TMS International, rather than employing casual workers, or changing contractor labor pools. Benefits include safety continuity and the avoidance of repeated induction costs.

TMS International prides itself in providing training in job requirements, emphasizing safety and multi-skilling. We offer a range of personnel from semi-skilled to job specifically trained - all backed with our vastly experienced management and administration team.

We deliver safe, environmentally friendly cost effective solutions, and regularly review our systems and performance with our clients to maintain an effective proactive service.