Industrial Services | Vacuum Units

Disab LN200 Units

These self-contained vacuum units are the most versatile and powerful units in the company's fleet. The units are lorry-mounted, diesel operated vacuum units conveying wet or dry material through hoses up to 152mm bore. In short, these machines can handle the smallest cleaning jobs to major industrial issues.

Types of tasks:

  • Silo cleaning
  • Clarifiers cleaning
  • Factory clean downs
  • Spillage removal
  • Catalyst removal
  • Dust suppression
  • Flood water removal
  • Crushing plant cleaning

These machines can collect liquid or dry materials for discharge by tipping, blowing or bagging direct from the machine. They also work in conjunction with ancillary equipment to efficiently recycle or dispose of collected material.

Disab Tella Units

These self-contained lorry-mounted vacuum units operate utilizing up to 152mm hose loading a 10cu. Metre box which is tipped or works in conjunction with ancillary hoppers for bagging. These machines are primarily used on dry tasks, silos and general cleaning on a small or large scale.