Industrial Maintenance Services for All Businesses

Through our TMS International UK division, we provide a full range of industrial cleaning and maintenance services throughout the world. Our customers include not only world-class steelmakers, but also engineering businesses, petrochemical companies, quarries, local authorities and sports venues.

Facilities Management and Industrial Cleaning

Partners can count on our facilities management and cleaning services for big or small projects, ranging from the director's office to the mill roof to commercial greens. Our services include pollution monitoring, water tower maintenance, slurry removal, drain inspection, dust suppression and tipping. In addition, we maintain grounds and provide general gardening services for large green areas and sports facilities. We pride ourselves keeping locations trouble free.


As a bio-remediation specialist, TMS International offers in-site treatment of organically contaminated sites using biological degradation. Our safe, environmentally friendly technology offers low-cost solutions to problems of waste disposal and contamination.

Our process safely reverts sites back to clean, acceptable standards for land reuse or development. We specialize in cleaning up spillage areas such as marshalling yards, refueling depots, watercourses, pipelines and sewers.


Vacuuming and Hazardous Waste Disposal

Backed by years of experience working in some of the world's most hostile environments, TMS International industrial vacuum and waste disposal capabilities are equal to just about any challenge, anywhere. We operate an extensive range of machines, ranging from the mighty Disab Centurion to smaller units from Renvac and GWS. On any job, we can discharge, load, screen or repack.

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