On-Site Support for Global Steelmakers

TMS International leads our industry with a comprehensive and pioneering array of pre- and post-production mill services for global steelmakers. We are experts in on-site services, including scrap purchasing and optimization, inventory management, logistics, metal recovery, slag processing, steel scarfing, surface conditioning, refractory removal and maintenance.

Our Commitment to Unrivaled Service

We pride ourselves on delivering unrivaled service to our partners every day, on every contract, everywhere we operate around the world.

See why we have been the leading outsourcing partner in North America since 1926 and continue to grow throughout the world.

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TMS Environmental LLC

Preserving and Protecting Our Environment.

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Mission Statement

  • We are committed to ourselves by practicing safe behavior and creating an environment of integrity, initiative and growth.
  • We will have the best maintained equipment.
  • We are committed to creating value for our customers through a partnership of service and innovation.
  • We will provide a return for our investors.

Quality Policy

At TMS International, We Create Value by meeting or exceeding customer requirements, because the goal is Customer Satisfaction. Our technique is to reduce costs, meet schedules and improve performance by working as a team and continually improving the effectiveness of our quality management system.

  • Our business is to provide cost effective quality products and services to satisfy steel industry needs.
  • We are committed to excellence and industry leadership through innovation, quality and a close partnership with our customers.
  • We are equally committed to maintaining the growth and integrity of our employees, recognizing that our continuing success comes from individual and group achievement.