Environmental Leadership

Our services help steelmakers minimize their environmental impact and contribute to a greener world by recycling materials, maintaining energy-efficient operations and processing all by-products for beneficial reuse.

We set high standards in the area of environmental responsibility - striving for performance that does not merely comply with regulations but reduces our environmental impacts. We believe we have a responsibility to take care of our planet and preserve its beauty, resources and strength for future generations.

Mountains Reflecting In Lake
  • One of TMS' core services is recycling steel mill by-products and secondary products such as scrap metal and slag; marketing of mill scale and pellet fines; and repurposing materials that were previously landfilled or stockpiled.
  • TMS has developed its proprietary Innovative Cutting Technology® and Extruded Product Services® technologies to improve recycling rates and reduce emissions from these recycling processes.
  • TMS operates in full compliance with all environmental laws. We apply our stringent environmental standards to all facets of our operations, from material handling to maintenance of our equipment.
  • TMS is a leading provider of steel industry services designed to reduce greenhouse emissions. We work closely with our customer to reduce their carbon footprint.