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Metal Recovery | Services that Improve Profitability

Our metal recovery services improve our customers' profitability by maximizing the reclamation of valuable metallics. Mills' raw material costs can be reduced by substituting clean, high-quality, reclaimed metal for externally purchased scrap. Further, by marketing the residual materials, TMS International offers other environmental and economic benefits by eliminating on-site storage of slag. This service frees valuable real estate for other uses.

After the slag has cooled at the TMS International processing site, cranes sweep the raw material with magnets to separate large pieces of metal from the slag. The scrap is then further processed and transported back to the melt shop. The clean, sized scrap is recycled as part of the scrap charge. The remaining material is fed into magnetic separation and screening systems which recover valuable, residual metallics for internal mill consumption and converts the slag into marketable aggregate products.

For more information about our metal recovery services, contact us: metalrecovery@tmsinternational.com

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