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Extruded Product Services®

EPS Can Save You Millions of Dollars, Watch Now!

More cost-effective steel mill by-product management, on- or off-site, for re-melting fines, dust and sludge

TMS, the leading provider of onsite industrial mill services for steelmakers around the world, now offers Extruded Product Services® (EPS) for more cost-effective steel mill by-product management.

We engineer our extruded pellets to meet your cost, performance and handling requirements:

  • By-product management that creates value
  • Better reclamation of valuable metallics for improved profitability
  • Lower raw material costs
  • Standardized, consistent, high-quality feedstock
  • Selling or using as a feedstock eliminates on-site storage, disposal and landfill costs

TMS' new EPS Pilot Plant is making feedstock

The new TMS Extruded Product Services Plant is now converting fines, dust and sludge into standardized, consistent feedstock engineering to your specifications.

Contact us at 844.227.9532 or EPS@tmsinternational.com to schedule a plant tour and to discuss your feedstock requirements.

Download our EPS Datasheet PDF

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We give you a better option than selling steel mill by-products "as is,"
at a relatively low market value, or disposing of them at an added cost.

Pellets engineered for by-product management

engineered extruded pellets

On- or off-site pelletizing

EPS uses a scalable, continuous process to convert fines, dust and sludge into competitively priced, high-quality feedstock.

Pellets engineered to your specifications

If you're looking for engineered by-product solutions that create value or a competitive substitute for your melting recipe, please contact us at 844.227.9532 or EPS@tmsinternational.com.

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Engineered Extruded Pellets