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Slag | The All-Purpose Aggregate

Slag is sometimes erroneously classified as industrial waste. In fact, this product can be recycled into valuable, versatile construction materials for green use. We utilize slag, a product of steelmaking, in versatile construction material for environmentally beneficial use. Applications include road construction, asphalt, ready-mix concrete, cement, railways ballast, mining, filtration and agriculture.

Road Surfaces

Outstanding surface quality of pavement for skid-safe, chip and seal and slurry applications.

Ice Control

A better way to improve traction and melting on icy roadways.

Road Beds

Durable aggregate for unpaved parking lots, access roads and road surfaces.


A superior asphalt product due to slag's shape, rough texture and high shear strength which give it resistance to rutting.

Portland Cement Augmentation

Cement that generates energy and cost savings, reduces environmental emissions, is chemically compatible with other materials, and improves pre-grinding and drying efficiency.

Railroad Ballast

Proven long-term stability for railroad applications.

Acid-Mine Drainage Treatment

High alkaline levels and a permeable reactive barrier to remove contaminants from water.

Agricultural Re-Mineralization

Steel slag contains CaO, MgO, FeO and trace minerals that benefit agriculture.


Slag Applications: Data Sheets

PDF Document TMS Acid Mine Drainage Treatment
PDF Document TMS Erosion Control
PDF Document TMS Ice Control
PDF Document TMS Railroad Ballast
PDF Document TMS Skid-Safe Asphalt Aggregate
PDF Document TMS Select Coarse and Granular Backfill
PDF Document TMS Fine Stainless Steel Slag

Regional Slag

PDF Document Johnstown, PA Aggregate Products
Oregon Slag

TMS Case Studies

PDF Document Indianapolis Motor Speedway Slag Successes

National Slag Association

TMS is a member of the National Slag Association

National Asphalt Pavement Association