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Blast Furnace Services for Steel Mills

TMS International offers a full range of blast furnace services to its customers. Although each individual blast furnace has its own unique configuration and layout, we have the appropriate machinery, engineering and fabrication capabilities to provide industry proven innovative solutions with safety as our priority.

Cast House Services

For the cast house areas, where molten iron is cast from the furnace, we provide the following services 24/7:

  • Iron trough cleaning. Taphole socket cleaning prior to and during casting, removal of frozen skulls and coke from iron troughs during casting, workforce and equipment support for cold furnace operations and emergencies, cleaning of trough shoulder buildup.
  • Iron runner cleaning. Cleaning of buildup on baker dams, runner walls, runner necks, emergency clean out for repair.
  • Slag runner cleaning. Cleaning of buildup in runner, changing of dams to divert flow, emergency clean out for repair.
  • Tilting runner cleaning. Cleaning of buildup on necks, cleaning the bottoms for replacement, tear-out for rebuild.
  • Iron torpedo car. Cleaning of towers, tapholes, as well as complete tear-out for refractory repair.
  • Complete tear-out capabilities. Includes trough and runner tear-out for refractory repair on downturns and during furnace operation.

Tuyere/Cooler Removal Services

TMS International patented tuyere/cooler removal* technology not only reduces furnace downtime but also brings a new level of safety with minimal workforce exposure:

  • When a tuyere or cooler suffers a deformity or leak, the tuyere/cooler must be replaced.
  • The length of time a tuyere or cooler has been in service can dictate how difficult the tuyere/cooler will be to remove. The traditional method of removal is to utilize a Dutch Hammer (slide hammer) requiring 4-6 people for an average of one hour.

Vacuum Services

TMS International provides generic vacuum services as well as the following innovative solutions:

  • Hot vacuuming of iron troughs and runners after tear-out in conjunction with machinery mounted vacuum nozzles thus reducing manpower exposure to heat stress.
  • Emptying of dust collection systems such as SVS, de-dust, stockhouse bag houses, etc.
  • Coke oven under battery air boxes.
  • Mill scale pits.
  • Hard to vacuum areas with the design and installation of permanent piping systems to facilitate quick cleanup with minimal setup time.
Blast Furnace

For more information about our blast furnace services, please contact: