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Innovative Cutting Technology®

Safer, more consistent scrap cutting with lower emissions

TMS has developed a suite of patent-pending ICT® remote-controlled torch systems which eliminates the hazards of traditional manually operated torches and lance pipes. ICT® delivers safer production, consistent sizing and product dimensioning, with lower emissions.

ICT® uses next generation torch positioning technology adapted from our Surface Conditioning systems. The torches and system is designed to move multi-directionally for flexibility in manual cutting. The design provides advanced flame technology and production consistency from a semi-automatic system.


Our new torch cutting technology manages revert and provides cost savings for unprepared procured scrap.

ICT benefits include:

  • Designed for continuous production
  • Adjustment capabilities to accommodate varying sizes and shapes
  • Remote control protects operator from flame, sparks, blowback and smoke
  • Reduced emissions
  • Primary oxygen and fuel lines are secured and enclosed to protect from sparks, abrasion and debris
  • Elevated system designed for alternate viewing angles and no production delays

ICT cuts to size:

  • Angles
  • Bars
  • Beams
  • Billets
  • Blooms
  • Channels
  • Coils
  • Plates
  • Rolls
  • Skulls
  • Slabs
  • Tundish
ICT Remote control system separates the operator from the hazards of traditional cutting.


Controlled cutting with ICT® is safer than traditional methods of cutting near unstable piles. Shifting scrap or bundles, slick surfaces, visibility challenges from smoke and sparks are always concerns with a torch burner standing near the material. The design separates the operator from hazards while providing a safer environment with fewer emissions.

Bundles can be difficult to cut manually, as voids reduce fusion, but the ICT® specialty designed torches are more advanced and use proprietary technology to power through voids

ICT ICT Semi-automatic precision delivers scrap in the specified length.

Precision Cutting

ICT® makes consistent, repeatable cuts from predetermined and defined lengths, regardless of the type of scrap we handle. We can cut a range of materials to your specifications without limitation on size or quantity.

ICT Safe cutting for coils with stored energy.

Coil Cutting

ICT® coil cutting design provides a safe practice for processing coils with stored energy. A custom designed system permits the operator to cut with a remote control away from the associated dangers.

ICT ICT Advanced flame technology delivers a smaller kerf and reduced emissions.

Tundish Cutting

ICT® cuts at a controlled, consistent speed, with advanced flame technology for a smaller kerf and reduced emissions. Our semi-automatic system eliminates the inconsistency of manual cutting which typically cuts a much larger space to make room for the torch head.

ICT ICT Advanced flame technology delivers a smaller kerf and reduced emissions.

Cutting Capabilities

The custom design and adjustability of each installation allows for a variety of materials to be cut on the table. The flexibility of the design allows for bundled material as well as individual type scrap to be staged together while keeping the operator at a safe distance.