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Logistics Management | All Modes of Transportation

TMS International provides logistics management expertise for all modes of transportation, including motor carriers, railroads, barges, intermodal, ocean and lake vessels along with private railcar fleets. Our global capabilities are designed to be the most cost-competitive and comprehensive global solution available. We communicate daily with all North American Class One railroads and lake vessel providers, U.S. motor carriers and barge lines as well as global ocean vessel and container shipping providers. We strive to source the most efficient and cost effective modes of transportation to support our growing global business.

We work daily with all major U.S. Class One railroads, major U.S. motor carriers, all major barge lines, global container providers and major lake and ocean vessel companies.

Our services include:

  • Multi-modal logistics expertise
  • Transportation and market research
  • Transportation planning and shipment monitoring from order entry to delivery
  • Railcar tracking and tracing capabilities
  • TMS International private gondola car fleet management
  • Freight bill processing and payment
  • Claims management
  • Customs paperwork and support for customs clearance
  • Timely, accurate and competitive rates

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