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Scrap Optimization | Sophisticated Software Programs

TMS International takes scrap management to a new level with Scrap OptiMiser® and GenBlend®+ optimization software programs. These sophisticated, proprietary purchasing and melt-chemistry optimization programs determine the optimal scrap mix for every heat melt order. Our programs ensure the lowest cost liquid steel.

OptiMiser® is a scrap-purchasing program that factors cost, metallurgical and operational constraints of steelmaking into purchasing decisions. With access to real-time market pricing and availability, OptiMiser® determines the optimal scrap based on individual mill chemistry requirements. The program calculates the lowest cost to produce a specified number of heats of steel for up to 10 steel grades (super families), and using up to 25 scrap grades in the BOF and EAF Models and up to 48 different scrap grades in the Alloy Model.

GenBlend®+ is a sophisticated melt-chemistry optimization model that produces the lowest-cost liquid steel. It is done with computer-generated blends that meet steelmakers' requirements while charging the lowest-cost scrap grades per heat.

Computers located in the scrap yard, either in cranes or at a central location, are used to select a melt order from a list of scheduled orders. The operator then indicates which scraps are available to fill the order. In a matter of seconds, GenBlend®+ will determine the lowest-cost scrap blend that meets the chemistry and volume requirements of the order using only the scraps that are available to the operator to be charged to the furnaces.

Scrap Optimization

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OptiMiser® and GenBlend®+ are proven to maximize savings on an overall and individual heat basis.

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