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Scrap Management | Systems to Meet Our Partners' Needs

TMS International designs, builds and staffs sophisticated scrap handling, scrap preparation and delivery systems to meet our partners' most rigorous requirements. We provide all the equipment, technology and manpower necessary to run well-engineered, efficient operations for our partners and ensure their ongoing excellence.

We create additional value by maintaining our own modern fleet of material handling and transport equipment, ranging from hydraulic cranes, gantry and equilibrium cranes to front-end loaders, pallet carriers, off-highway trucks and railcars. This maximizes our partners' transportation capability and flexibility.

Through scrap optimization, inventory control, managed transportation and a reduction in the number of times scrap is handled, we help our partners attain the lowest possible cost in scrap management. Our scrap management services typically include a combination of most or all of the following components.

scrap pile

Scrap Optimization

The differential in pricing between scrap grades can vary tremendously. We help melt shops profit by optimizing scrap purchases and determining the right scrap mix for handling, charging, melting at the lowest possible cost to meet production requirements. Read more about our innovative optimization programs.

Scrap Processing

TMS International provides the complete range of scrap handling and processing services. Our plants sort, clean, shear, torch, shred and bale unprepared scrap metal to customer specifications. We also load, mix and deliver charge boxes directly to the melt shop furnace.

We handle and process millions of tons of mill scale revert, industrial and obsolete scrap for reuse annually. Our modern shredding plant can rip an automobile into fist-size pieces of clean, dense steel in less than one minute. We assure quality control with such tools and processes as visual inspection, sorting and radioactive and analytical testing. Computerized monitoring systems maximize equipment uptime and efficiency.

Communication Systems

Using state-of-the-art communications, real-time data is exchanged between the scrap yard and melt shop. This results in enhanced control of melt-shop operations, improving production and yield.

Our scrap management system reduces costs over traditional handling systems through:

  • Elimination of capital expenditures - TMS International provides all necessary equipment and infrastructure.
  • Manpower reduction - Our expert people set up and run the entire scrap operation.
  • Lower maintenance - We maintain all scrap handling equipment.
  • Reduced scrap handling - We minimize the number of times scrap is handled, avoiding unnecessary material handling costs.
  • Lower scrap cost - Scrap mix optimization and tighter inventory control results in better procurement practices and lower scrap carrying costs.

For more information about our scrap management programs, contact:
Phone: (412) 675-8273

Inventory Management

At our customers' operations, the value of scrap in inventory can easily reach several million dollars. We design scrap yards to optimize inventory levels while offering flexibility for shipments to arrive by the most economical means - whether by truck, rail or barge. Our system monitors all movements allowing tighter inventory control. Frequent turnover and "zeroing" of stockpiles are essential to the effective management of multi-million dollar scrap inventory.

Mobile Pallet Scale*

TMS' patented and innovative mobile pallet scale* allows for a versatile and flexible scale option during operations that require sturdy pallet structures and accurate weight readings.

By virtue of its unique design, the mobile pallet scale* is capable of increasing the lifespan of load cells due to reduced shock load and preventing dynamic payload forces from being introduced into the system. The ability to move the scale allows significant flexibility compared with other options, such as in-ground scales. This allows for use without significant modifications of the scrap yard layout, the reduction of crane travel when loading and minimum in-ground infrastructure.

Further, the pallet scale communicates wirelessly with the mill's process network in conjunction with TMS' proprietary scale software allowing for accurate loading and tracking of charge bucket recipes and scrap inventory.

Mobile Pallet Scale